This agreement constitutes an order for ice cream catering services. South Swell Hand Dipped Ice Cream agrees to provide catering service for clients event/function stated below. Both parties bind themselves and agree as follows:

Package Specifics: 

Client: Deena Elsherif

Date of Event: Saturday, 03/23/2019

Event Location: 18712 University Dr, Shelter #6, IRVINE, CA 92612United States

Length of Service: 1.5 hours

Time of Service: 4:30pm-6:00

2 South Swell Dippers to set up, serve, and take down

We will serve: 

150 ice cream bars

2 Classic Flavors (sprinkles + peanuts)

2 Specialty Flavors (TBA)

From: South Swell Tricycle and Dipping Station

Total Cost: 



Package Specifics
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Deposit Amount Due: $1,394.00 Payment due in full at time of booking *
Deposit// A non-refundable deposit of fifty percent of the estimated contract cost is due at the time of booking, to be deducted from the total payment price, unless other prior agreements have been made. *
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Cancellations// All prepayments (not including deposit) are returned in full if the event is cancelled by client, or the venue. If cancelled by an act of God, client will be given a credit towards another event date. If cancelled by South Swell Hand Dipped Ice Cream, all prepayments (including deposit) is paid back to client in full. *
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Product// All bars not served are property of South Swell Ice Cream and will not be reimbursed by South Swell. All product will be intended to serve at event and if by any means guests do not partake, product is property of South Swell.
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Final Payment// Final Payment is due 03/13/2019 *
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